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Angelus702's Sick Sad World

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This is for school Aug. 1st, 2007 @ 12:04 am

Remember the movie “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” when they travel through time to collect some of history’s greats for a school report? Remember when they came along a philosopher named Socrates (pronounced Saw-cra-tees, not So-crates)? Well, he was a great philosopher. He came up with the qualities of a philosopher, some of them are that they devote themselves to be constant learners, they don’t desire money or power, they don’t fear death, they are temperate, and they are lovers of truth (R. Silver: The Qualities of the Philosopher). Plato was also a philosopher and a student of Socrates. He wrote the book, The Republic back in 360 B.C.E. In Book VI of The Republic, he writes about Socrates explaining the difference between philosophers and citizens, and why philosophers would be better rulers. A philosopher’s rule would be better than democracy because the voters are not educated enough to choose the correct leader and democracy consists of mob rule.

America today is being ruled by a man that does not hold most of the qualities of a philosopher. He shows his desire for money by what he has done for the oil industry. He started a war in a country partially because of the oil that that country had. He also is not a lover of truth, for where are those Weapons of Mass Destruction? He told the American people that we were going to Iraq because Iraq had WMD. He doesn’t devote himself to learning. Our President can’t read a sentence that is grammatically correct even though the grammatically correct sentence is in front of him. If a philosopher were to govern our country, I believe there would be more peace in this nation for the philosopher would have a passion for knowledge. They would look at a situation from all angles to see what the best route is. The philosopher would be fair and look towards what is better for all and not just better for some. The philosopher would also not desire money, so the philosopher would not be bought to choose a side. Plato wrote about men who contain the qualities of a philosopher that “when perfected by years and education, and to these only you will entrust the State” (The Republic, p4). George Bush graduated from college with mostly C’s.

Democracy allows the people to choose their leader. As Plato says in The Republic (by using a ship as a metaphor), the people are drugged by politicians. Politicians will tell people what they want to hear and promise the people what they want. The public tends to look at its own limited self-interests and the politicians cater to those interests. They are able to persuade voters easily by not going into depth to explain what is necessary. For example, Bush can tell us that we need to spend more money for the War in Iraq, but will not explain the necessity of raising taxes to pay for it or how other things the people want will not be paid for by the government, like housing or health care. The philosopher who is well educated and understands how to run things smoothly will not get voted for, for the philosopher does not try to drug the people into believing falsehoods (R. Silver: Democracy and Plato’s Parable of the Ship). If the philosopher explains the need for raising taxes to support a popular idea, the people will resist because they only think of their self-interests and will not vote for the person (philosopher) who speaks the truth.

Philosopher rule would work for many reasons but it would take time for it to not be argued by the mob. Having a philosopher ruling the country would allow for more positive outcomes for the people. Businesses would not be allowed to buy their control from the government because the philosopher does not desire money. Our planet would benefit because the philosopher would work towards making the Earth more habitable by decreasing the bad gasses that get released into the atmosphere, maybe even get electric cars back into production for consumers. The philosopher ruler would also make peace, not just at home but with other nations. The philosopher is always reaching for truth and for something uncorrupt (R. Silver: The Qualities of the Philosopher), allowing the philosopher ruler to be fair and just with all things.

Philosophers would make better rulers for all the reasons that they are philosophers. They do not desire power and money, they see and understand things well, they are lovers of truth, they are fair and decent people, and they crave knowledge. Democracy is destroyed by politicians and mob rule. Politicians say what the people want to hear but change their story when they get into office. Politicians get bought. Bush chose Dick Chaney, who is the former CEO of Halliburton, Condoleezza Rice who used to be on the Board of Directors for Chevron, and Andrew Card, Jr., who is the former VP of General Motors (Movie: “Who Killed the Electric Car?”). Bush works for the oil industry which a leader of a government should not do. The leader of a country should work for its people. Therefore, the best way to rule a country would be to have a philosopher as the leader.

(Plato and Aristotle)

Cites Source
The Republic by Plato. Translated by Benjamin Jowett.

Who Killed the Electric Car?: Movie. Directed by Chris Paine.

Ramona Silver's handout. The Quality of the Philosopher.

Ramonda Silver's handout:. Democracy and Plato's Parable of the Ship.

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Star Wars meme May. 17th, 2006 @ 10:54 am
Your results:
You are Han Solo
Han Solo
Luke Skywalker
Lando Calrissian
Anakin Skywalker
Mace Windu
An Ewok
Princess Leia
Even though you've been described as
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type of person others love to be around.
People like you because you're a scoundrel.

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My History paper on the Missouri Compromise May. 17th, 2006 @ 10:27 am
[edit] My friend at work made things clear on why I'm wrong. Thanks to Tori for replying. I no longer need the help.

I have a favor to ask of everyone and anyone who reads this. I wrote a paper and I think I stated something correctly and clearly. However, my teacher disagrees. But what he wrote to "make it clear" is basically saying the same thing as me.

So, I'm gonna type out my sentence and I want feedback. Can you understand my sentence? Does it sound like I'm saying it right? Then, read the sentence my teacher made in replace of mine. Tell me if it's not saying the same thing. I'm also including a map for those that don't know where Missouri and the Mississippi River are.

My sentence:
Congress agreed that west of Missouri (in the Louisiana Purchase only) there would be no slavery above the 36-30 latitudinal line and slavery was allowed below that line.

Here's the map (Mississippi River is on the east side of Missouri):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

His sentence:
Congress agreed that west of the Mississippi River (in the Louisiana Purchase only), with the expection of Missouri, there would be no slavery above the 36-30 latitudinal line and slavery was allowed below that line.

Doesn't that mean the same damn thing!?!?!? Oh, and don't agree with me to calm me down or because you're my friend. I want your REAL opinion. If you think it doesn't mean the same thing, let me know. I NEED to know!!!!
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Tokyo Apr. 18th, 2006 @ 04:47 pm
In Tokyo. Hotel is very small. Maybe smaller than Hiroshima`s hotel. But theres a coin operated laundry machine so Im doing laundry while my mom meets her friend. Its warmer in Tokyo than Kyoto. A little too warm but I only have 4 more days here so Im ok. cant wait to go home. I miss my house, my shower, Eric, Eric`s place, Eric`s shower. Oh, and non-Japanese food. Everything is cooked with egg and Im sick of egg. Eric`s calling gotta go!

Its April 16th here. Apr. 16th, 2006 @ 09:54 am
Not starting out to be a good day. Was looking forward to an email from Eric since he didnt send out last night and nothing. Not too comforting and on our 3rd month anniversary too. So, now Im a little more depressed than I expected. I dont know what Mom and I are doing today and that pisses me off. Supposedly Akira is picking us up and taking us somewhere. Im having a shitty day and its only about 10am. I really want to go home. Im seen Japan and now Im ready to go home. But is doesnt look like thats going to happen.
Other entries
» Kyoto
At a fancy hotel I have to pay 100yen for 10minutes time of the internet. Thats stupid!

Heres the run down of what Ive done in while being at this hotel.

-Ate chicken stomach
-Went to Osaka to see bunraku
-Had a panic attack on the subway
-Went to Himeji to see the castle
-Got to paint a Japanese paper mached doll. (That was fun!)
-Have a day of rest in the hotel.

Ok, my time is almost up. Bye.

» In Hiroshima
So far things have been fun. Shopped a lot yesterday. Went to Miyajima while it was raining but the rain stopped towards the end of our visit there. I get to say "Eigo o hanashimasu ka?" alot. It means "Do you speak English?" Mom and I just got back from Hiroshima-jo. Thats the castle here. Then went into a department store and bought some stuff. Now we`re back at the hotel, waiting for when its time to go to the train station because our feet hurt from yesterday. Plus we`ve seen everything we wanted to see yesterday (besides the castle) because we didnt think we would have time this morning.

So I`m bored.

I`ve been taking a lot of pictures though. I got to see the Sedako statue yesterday and take my piture under it. Its very pretty. Ok, gonna mess around on myspace for a bit.
» Nihon
Dude, Im in Japan! Todays been my first full day here. Im tired. Gonna take a nap before the dinner party the people we`re staying with are throwing. Hope the dinner isnt as bad as this mornings breakfast.
» Blah
Felt motivated to work on my collage but didn't do anything. Oh well! Didn't do much of anything today. Guess I'll go pack for Eric's and start my drive cuz I don't want to be in this house anymore.
» I went back...
...to practice, that is. Haven't been in who knows how long. Tried not too long ago but it was too cold and I didn't want to get sick. So, is it easy to get back into Dragon Boating after not doing it for several months? Sort of. I'm out of shape although, I have been working out a bit. Plus I practiced using my left and my right sides so I'm sore all over and not on just one side. Practicing with my off side (right) killed me. I used muscles that hadn't been used in almost forever. My poor tricep.

Alvin (head coach) let me have a crap paddle to use for my collage for my Psychology of Stress class. That class causes more stress than ever for me. Wednesday I had worked on the midterm paper that was due on the following day while I was at work. I only had an introduction, conclusion and a bit to add to a paragraph and I would be done. I go home to continue my paper. Bad idea. I get kicked out of my computer room because my mom had a friend staying with us and she was going to be staying in my computer room. So, I go upstairs and ask my mom, Fred and my brother how am I going to be able to finish my paper if it's on a floppy disk and all the computers in the house, but mine are laptops? They start lecturing me on the use of a floppy disk. I tell them to shut up cuz I like floppy and how is this talk getting me a computer. My dad says we're about to eat, which wasn't true because Paula still hadn't arrived and my dad was still cooking. So, I got frustrated and yelled, "Will someone give me a fucking computer!!!!" That worked and my dad gave me his laptop that took floppy disks. Paula showed up after I plugged the laptop in so we ate.

After dinner, I start to write. But Fred's computer doesn't have Word so my file wasn't opened with something like Notepad. I got frustrated. To make a longer story short. I thought it was all gone but it saved the paragraph I wrote on his laptop. I had to go to work at 9:30pm to get the copy of what I had written earlier off a computer there. Finished the paper on Thursday while being exhausted. Moral of story: don't let mother have friends stay over.

Oh, and I don't think I passed the in class midterm but I really don't care since my paper is good.
» im gonna have a heart attack
reading for my psychology class and im gonna have a heart attack because im a type a, plus i have the trait of hostility. damn! in other news, i got a hair cut. its short. i like it. eric likes it. thats all that matters. to continue with randomness, i want to go camping in may. will i enjoy camping as an adult? thats what we'll find out. i havent been camping since i was a little kid and i hated it but now i want to see if my opinion has changed. and im craving a new episode of gilmore girls. if next season is the last they better make it a sucky show so i wont be heartbroken when its gone. ok, back to homework while im at work.
» age meme - I'm really 22
You Are 27 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

» Ok
Not in an excellent mood. Kinda Eric's fault but mostly mine. I'm gonna go with Eric's fault because he's had a problem of saying no to me and now he needs to because I've been getting on his case to clean a bit. Now I offer to help and he won't let me. And, I don't want him to later get mad at me because he never gets anything done cuz I'm always around, so I pushed him to start cleaning today. This got him in a bad mood cuz he doesn't like to clean and doesn't want to be in a bad mood when I'm around. So, he now tells me he's gonna have to start saying no to me coming over as much so he can get stuff done. What's the problem you say? Why am I making a big deal out of this? Because he's got me in the mind set that normally he won't say no to me and so I expect what I want from him to always be there. I wish he had said no more often in the beginning. I'm still like a child in some ways, my brain needs to be trained and when something changes, I have difficulty dealing with that. But I know I need to let him have his "space". Everyone needs space. I'm just not used to being told no from him and I have to get used to it. So, the reason I'm not in a great mood is because the day I sleep over each week is now getting veto'd. Monday I have almost nothing to do. And, so the plan is I normally see him when he gets off work and we go to his house to spend the night. Fuck this! I can do whatever now. So what if we both normally have a ton of free time on Monday nights. I'll do whatever I want. I could hang out with Paula. I could play WoW. I could study for the paper that's due in 2 weeks. I can be productive.

I'm too fucking needy! I need to get over that. Fuck!

I'm gonna watch Saw II now. Fuck!
» Disneyland
It was fun! Took our sweet time with everything since I had to go to the bathroom like every 10 minutes. But it was nice to do Disneyland at a slow pace for once. My new favorite ride is Tower of Terror. Got some cool pictures to share once I get in the mood to scan pictures.

I met Eric's cousin, Jason. He's fun. Going on the Indiana Jones ride was fun with the two of them. They acted the entire ride. I started to get into it and played the role of the blonde chick from the second movie who screamed at everything. I've decided that next time we go to Disneyland Eric needs to wear his Indy costume for the ride. That would be interesting. =)

Met up with Bailey and Zack on Monday. Had fun going to Kevin Smith's comic book store. Bailey called Lily, who goes to UCLA and she met up with us. And, offered to feed us at UCLA. Tons of food. I loved it. I ate a bit of everything. And, now I know I like soy milk with cereal.

Went back to the hotel and watched the fireworks that were coming from Disneyland from our hotel balcony and then Bailey and Zack left.
» Friday, Feb 17, 2006
Drove down to L.A. with Eric. Everything was going well. Mad, crazy traffic when we got into the L.A. area. I needed to pee really bad so Eric got off the freeway to go to a gas station for me. I come back to the car after using the restroom and I'm not a happy camper. I'm feeling bad. Calling Kaiser to find the closest one to us. Pain is getting worse. Pain is getting even more worse when I pee. Thoughts are UTI. I'm crying cuz the pain is so bad. We get to the ER. They see me into a room pretty quickly. Pain is getting worse. Lab results on my urine come back positive for a UTI. Oh, yay! =( Doctor offers me morphine for the pain. Never had morphine so why not? Pain isn't as intense but there's still some pain when I pee.

Hour or so after the morphine, I'm dressed back in my clothes and we're waiting for the nurse to bring me my papers to discharge me, that's when I start getting an intense pain in my stomach area. I climb back up on the bed/table thing. The pain is the worst pain I've felt ever. So, painful that it's making it hard for me to breath. I've taken CPR, my breathing required help! Did we get any? Not for 15 minutes. Eric was trying to get a doctor in there and that's how long it took, 15 minutes. Not cool, Kaiser! The pain lasted a bit longer after the doctor came in and then stopped. But not for long. The pain came back and by this point I'm exhausted trying to make sure I keep breathing and dealing with the pain. Plus I hadn't eaten since one that afternoon.

I thought I was going to pass out from the pain, it hurt that bad. They decide to give me an IV. My first IV. They give it to me right after the second session of pain had subsided. But the third session started before they started the IV but that wasn't such a long session of pain. I could tell that this had scared Eric. I felt bad but once my breathing started to be too much work for me to do alone I started to get scared.

So, my IV is in me. I can breath and the pain is gone. They give me apple juice and one for Eric. Eric refuses to drink his and said I'm going to drink it. I felt so bad cuz he was hungry before I was so he had to be starving by now.

I fall asleep for about an hour from being so exhausted. Woke up all of a sudden because I wasn't aware that I had fallen asleep and wondered how long Eric had been sitting in the chair he was in. After I woke up they came back into the room to take out the IV and signed me out since I was doing better. We picked up the prescription that Eric had filled earlier and left.

We had got to the ER at about 6:30pm. We didn't leave till about 11:30pm. We didn't get to our hotel till sometime past midnight. It was a very long day.
» Valentine's Day
Just want to say it was the first Valentine's Day where I had a Valentine.

Eric made reservations at my favorite restaurant. We got dressed up and he picked me up. It was all very nice. I had spent the night the night before and while he was asleep, I got his favorite candy (3 Musketeers) in mini form and made the logo of his favorite band, Weezer. I also left a card on the the table with it. He was very surprised in the morning. The next thing he got from me was a chocolate chip cookie (his favorite kind) from Mrs. Fields in the shape of a heart and it said, "I heart you!" Then, after dinner, back at my house, he got the big present. The big present was a mixture of Valentine's and our anniversary which was on the 16 (2 days after Valentine's Day). It was a bust of Han Solo and it looked super cool. He loves Harrison Ford.

Now I know I went a bit out but that's because he treats me like a princess and does so much and pays for almost every outing and I wanted to show him that I care about him just as much. I love him.
» Doing some back entry
I need to recap the past few week so I'll be doing that. Only with today's date attached to it all.
» Relax
I should be packing now since I won't have much time for it tomorrow. Or if I do get time, I'll be too tired. We leave this Friday! I can't freakin' wait! We discovered it would only cost us $3 each to go for 3 days instead of 2 to Disneyland. Freakin' cool! Looks like our plan of having Sunday to ourselves in Disneyland have gone away. But I hate to break it to my friends, if they wasnt to hang out on Sunday and I'm not in Disneyland, not ok. Not ok at all! I paid $119 for my 3 day pass and I plan on being in Disneyland as much as I want and if that means I miss out on seeing my friends, fine by me since I'll see them in April. I wish Leo or Julia would anwser their damn phone so I can make that clear.

Ok, gonna try and call them again. Gonna go feed the cat and fish I'm looking after and then get ready for bed.

I'm tired.
» Life
I think I'm doing pretty good in school. Except for the being late most of the time but otherwise, my homework and tests look good so far. Eric and I are all good. We both can't wait to leave for L.A. this Friday. I still have some Valentine's Day shopping to do for him. Won't mention specifics since he reads this sometimes. Also, got a really good idea of what to write in a card for our 1 month anniversary. I'm excited to work on that.

Work...can't complain at the moment, although I would like to do less of it. But I can't since I'm still working on building my bank account up.

Now I'm off to brunch with my dad.
» Ahh!!!
So fucking busy! I need to find me time. Where is my me time!?!
» Working on Saturdays
I'll admit it. I was a complete jerk last week to my friends who are my coworkers. I was very lazy and complained about wanting to leave the whole time. Yes...I know, I was a jerk.

Now with me accepting the shift this Saturday, I wanted to make sure I didn't repeat last Saturday so I worked. But Virginia was still so cold to me and very unfriendly. My thoughts, she didn't forgive me for last week yet. So, I was trying to work even more today to show that that was a one day thing. (Keep in mind, I did apologize several times to her for last Saturday.)

It was really slow today so I figured I should leave when a fourth coworker showed up. But I wanted to get at least 4 hours in so I stayed an hour more after the fourth coworker came in. I told Victoria my plan and she agreed. I found out later Victoria told this to Virginia and that added to why Virginia was still being so cold. I finally had enough of Virginia's attitude by the time I was about to leave and it showed. As soon as I got in my car, Virginia called me on my cell. I would've answered it if I knew I wouldn't start crying (that's how upset I was at the whole situation) so I didn't. She called again. But this time as I debated whether or not to answer it she just happens to be standing in front of my car. I answer it and she jumps on my hood and tells me to pull over. She gets in my car and we have it out. She was still pissed about last week. And, thought that my comment about leaving today to Victoria had been me complaining about wanting to leave. I corrected her. She explained why she was so pissed with my actions last week. I apologized for last week, for her not being able to forgive me last week because she was still probably mad at the time, and for her not being able to forgive me by now. I also apologized for the tone in my voice when I was apologizing because I was trying not to cry. She asked why was I gonna cry and I let her know that her shutting me out for a week and being so cold had hurt and I was at my limit of how much I could take from her coldness. She gave me a genuine apology for the way she had been to me. It ended with us no longer annoyed/pissed/hurt at each other and a hug.

So basically we were sorry for actions and now we're ok. Awww, a happy ending! =)
» Broke
I'm broke. Broker than I thought. This sucks! And, people aren't getting anything for Christmas this year so I won't end up broke again. I know too many damn people! I'll be fine, it's just going to take awhile since I can't spend my Japan trip money. Not like that would cover my credit card bill. Normally I would be more stressed about no money but for some reason I'm not. Maybe it's because for once I think I can make this work. I think I can work enough and be able to make it work.

Eric, yes, I still want to go to Disneyland. No canceling that! =)
» an update
Eric dropped me off at home about 3 hours ago. I miss him. This relationship is still new but at times it seems like it isn't. I like that but at the same time it scares me a bit...only because I'm new to being a couple. This is only my second relationship, so I really don't know what's considered fast and not. Good thing Eric and I have very good communication. Although, sometimes I'll tease him about some info that some might find hard to say but I hope I make it clear that I'm just joking and I don't take anything he tells me in a bad way. I can't wait to see him again. =)
» When a sweet tooth arises
What I've noticed about myself is that whenever I have sex afterwards I get a sweet tooth. I start to crave mostly pastries (sprinkle covered donuts) but candy too. Now this isn't something new about me, it's just something I just realized about me. Now my question for those that read this (I know that's not many) is, do you have cravings for sweet foods after sex? It doesn't have to be immediately after sex, it could be a few hours after. So, let me know. This is my survey. Thanks for participating!

Please participate. I'm curious.
» Japanese (Nihongo)
I dropped it. I was feeling too overwhelmed and had to get rid of something. Japanese is the only class I'm taking that I don't need. Plus I find great difficulty in understanding the teacher. So, I came to the full conclusion of dropping the class as my mom and I arrived at school to go to the class. Mom wasn't too happy. But I did go and work out and that made me feel soooooooooooo much better. The rain cloud had gone away. Plus this was the first time I've worked out with my ipod, and the ipod does what I had hoped it would do; keep my mind from getting bored on the treadmill. I ended up staying on there a lot longer than I normally do. That was great!

New plan: work out on Wednesdays and hell, maybe switch Fred back to Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays.
» Wednesdays
I dislike Wednesdays! Close to hate but Lost is on Wednesdays. I'm too busy. No time for a nap! Oh, I'm also too tired. School in the morning, work in the afternoon and school again at night. Oh, and I need to wake up extra early on Thursday so no sleeping in for me! I'm not going to pratice this Saturday so sleep in Saturday? We'll see.
» Disneyland
We're going to Disneyland for our one month. It works out since there's a four day weekend right around our anniversary. Plus I don't have school on Tuesday so we're going from Feb. 17-21. We're not just going to be going to Disneyland though. Three days at Disneyland and hopefully we'll get tickets for Ellen DeGeneres for Tuesday. Plus we both have friends that live in SoCal so we'll make time to see our friends. I can't wait!

Ok, I'm tired from my lack of sleep over the past few days and I have a long day tomorrow. Off to shower and then bed....well, after I put sheets on my bed.
» At Eric's
Wasn't planned but that seems to be how things work when we're together. (I change my mind a lot.) Another plan that was changed and this time not by me, Eric decided he was gonna drive us into the city. I was perfectly ok with taking BART by myself. He doesn't have to be at work as early as I do so that's why I would be taking it by myself. Plus I could've got some reading done, but spending more time with Eric is perfectly fine. Since I like Eric. =)
» What a day!
Woke up with Eric. Good. Went to class. Bad/Good. Saw Nicole after not seeing her for weeks. Good. Didn't get hotel/credit card problem fixed. Bad. Went to work. Bad. Had me a birthday cake. Good. Dealt with the dumbest parents alive because they can't seem to keep track of when their kids basketball practice is and want to blame me for it. Bad. Co-worker was a half an hour late making me stay there an extra half an hour. Bad. Went out to dinner with Mara. Good. Found out Steph would go to practice with me tomorrow. Good. Sleeping at home and not in a strange place (i.e. Paula's uncle's house). Good. Seeing Eric tomorrow. Super good.
» At the library
So, class got out early and now I'm at the public library where Eric and Pete work. It's nice to see Eric but it's weird to be at Pete's other job. They're putting stuff away while I get to "play" on the computer. It's weird.

Class seems like it's going to be seriously boring. But we get to make a collage and use whatever we want to put the magazine clippings on. I'm thinking of getting a dragon boat paddle. But that will take a lot of clippings to cover. We'll see.

I offered to drive Pete home so we'll be going soon.
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